The rise and fall and Rise of BlackBerry 

A topic close to the heart of many of our readers, the much loved Canadian handset company has experienced some turbulent times in the past few years. There’s no denying that they have made some excellent phones, but they are in the middle of a turnaround at the moment (event T-Mobile US’ John Legere recently said “they’re on the up”) in a bid to regain market share, as well as focus on areas such as security software and device management.In today’s article, James Rosewell, Founder and CEO of 51Degrees offers his opinion and some facts about the rise and fall (and rise again?) of Blackberry.Until a few years ago, it was rare for businessmen and women to venture far from their trusty BlackBerry devices. In late 2007, BlackBerry took the mobile market by storm with the launch of its 8800 series, which became one of the first widely used connected, ‘smart’ devices. It may have been a far cry from the smartphone as we know it now but the 8800 series generated more than 10 million sales around the world which helped Blackberry hit its highest estimated worth of £49 billion.

Source: The rise and fall of BlackBerry – Mobile Industry Review