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It has been a while since I’ve written a ‘From the Editor’s Desk’ post and I should probably write more of them, but to be honest I really need to feel pretty strongly about something in order to write them and the past few days have me a little fired up. With that out of the way, the past three days have been interesting for the BlackBerry world, made even more so when you consider the timing of everything, and some of it has me fired up. We’ve had a few new takeover rumors and BlackBerry has confirmed an unspecified number of layoffs along with a new common share purchase program. If that’s not enough, there were some rumblings about the possibility of BlackBerry using Samsung’s Exynos processors for some of their next-gen smartphones and to add even more to the mix there’s a new and dramatically titled book coming out about the “rise and fall of BlackBerry”, though that story is still ongoing.

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A Conversation with BlackBerry CEO John Chen 

The Greater KW Chamber of Commerce hosted BlackBerry CEO John Chen for a special luncheon on May 5th with nearly 400 community builders and supporters in attendance. It was an outstanding and candid discussion between John and Chamber CEO Ian McLean. Thank you to BlackBerry and John Chen for taking the time to come and speak with us.

Sticking to the plan: Chen says BlackBerry smartphone business will be profitable again |

Chen says BlackBerry phones are the entry point for customers into the company’s security business. BlackBerry can still provide a secure backbone for other devices like iPhones and Android phones, but Chen says you get the most security with a BlackBerry phone. There are a lot of important customers that still need that level of security. “I can only make iPhone so much more secure, but I can’t make it as secure as a BlackBerry device,” Chen said. “If you look at the US Army, they’re still rolling out all BlackBerry. If I tell them there are no more phones, I lose that account. The question is how do you make phones profitable at the volume those people represent?”

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Jennifer Doidge named BlackBerry’s new VP of Corporate communications – NerdBerry

BlackBerry was left to fill a void when former VP of corporate communications Heidi Davidson, left BlackBerry. BlackBerry has hired Visa’s Jennifer Doidge as the new VP of Corporate communications. Doidge who spent 9 years with Visa holding multiple roles will be working out of Pleasanton, California and will answer to BalckBerry COO Marty Beard

Source: Jennifer Doidge named BlackBerry’s new VP of Corporate communications – NerdBerry

Why Apple Needs BlackBerry`s Technology

Apple Rumored To Be Interested In Buying BlackBerry Apple Inc. AAPL 0.14% , the world’s largest corporation, was rumored to be looking at BlackBerry Ltd BBRY 0.05% as a possible acquisition target. Needless to say, the rumor received a wide variety of reactions from Wall Street. “I think the play with BlackBerry is a partnership play, not at all an acquisition,” Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry told Benzinga. “Apple will welcome BlackBerry as an App Store partner. They can publish their security software on App Store and people can download it — no different from what [other companies] have done.” Cody Willard, chairman of Scutify (a financial social network) and Futr (a futuristic messaging app), thinks Apple could buy BlackBerry to speed up its effort to get into car dashboards. Sean Udall, CIO of Quantum Trading Strategies and author of The TechStrat Report, thinks Apple would only acquire BlackBerry if the world’s largest governments asked Apple to step up and make an offer.

Source: Weekly Tech Highlights: Apple’s Battery Division, Why Apple Needs BlackBerry And More – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), AOL Inc. (NYSE:AOL) | Benzinga