Rumors, Rumors and More Rumors.. BlackBerry takeover rumors, layoffs and Losing the Signal |

By Crackberry Bla1ze!

It has been a while since I’ve written a ‘From the Editor’s Desk’ post and I should probably write more of them, but to be honest I really need to feel pretty strongly about something in order to write them and the past few days have me a little fired up. With that out of the way, the past three days have been interesting for the BlackBerry world, made even more so when you consider the timing of everything, and some of it has me fired up. We’ve had a few new takeover rumors and BlackBerry has confirmed an unspecified number of layoffs along with a new common share purchase program. If that’s not enough, there were some rumblings about the possibility of BlackBerry using Samsung’s Exynos processors for some of their next-gen smartphones and to add even more to the mix there’s a new and dramatically titled book coming out about the “rise and fall of BlackBerry”, though that story is still ongoing.

Source: From the Editor’s Desk: BlackBerry takeover rumors, layoffs and Losing the Signal |

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