Blackberry Android QNX Hypervisor and More


To say that BlackBerry is testing various implementations of Android on reference hardware, testing ARM, Exynos, Qualcomm and other SOC pairings to see how best to deliver their future hardware solutions, is not out of the realm of possibility. We’ve already seen BlackBerry (Secusmart) hardware and the Secusuite software portfolio ported to Android-based Samsung tablets with an IBM secure app container. To further tout the power of BES12, BlackBerry will likely make an incremental move and release Android-based devices.

However, if the implementation were to come by way of the QNX Hypervisor, which is a Type 1 hypervisor, it would function dissimilar to the Dalvik which is basically just an application running on BlackBerry 10 (Android Player). The hypervisor would allow a seamless and secure switch between the two environments, BlackBerry 10 and Android, and would, from a code perspective, be the closest to true compatibility and optimal performance.

Source: The Future of Android on BlackBerry