BlackBerry Priv officially launched in Malaysia with a retail price of RM3,559 |

Adding another region to the growing list of areas which Priv is available, BlackBerry has now officially launched the device in Malaysia. Customers looking to pick up a Priv can now preorder the device through 11street with special offers in place if you’re quick. The first 60 customers who preorder through 11street will be able to purchase Priv at a discounted price of MYR 3,388.

Source: BlackBerry Priv officially launched in Malaysia with a retail price of RM3,559 |


BES12 and Good Powered by BlackBerry scored among the highest in the following criteria: Telecom & Expense Management ContainerizatioQuadrant_BBn Data Management & Security Secure Productivity Apps Workforce Technology Roadmap Roadmap Aggressiveness Install Base Global Presence Network Security Reporting & Analytics App Management App Security Enterprise App Store Experience Revenue

Source: BlackBerry – BlackBerry OS Live Links Available For All BlackBerry 10 Devices

We’ve been without a new 10.3.2 OS for several months now, but that has finally changed today! The latest found OS ( is now available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and as such, the links for the OS files have been posted to the web. These update files can be loaded via Sachesi or autoloader. Please remember that these are files you will be updating on your own and in such cases, you assume all responsibility if you choose to update and something goes wrong. is not liable for anything if something happens and data is lost or a phone is bricked. You should attempt any update only if your are familiar with sideloading with Sachesi and/or using autoloaders.

Source: – BlackBerry OS Live Links Available For All BlackBerry 10 Devices

Game Console for Nintendo and Super NES Games reborn! Nice Gadget!

Get your NES and SNES games out of and dust them off! The breakthrough RetroDuo 2 in 1 System allows you to play most of your old favorites in one system. The sleek and slim design saves you space, while specially placed vents ensure that your trip down memory lane is one way, with no stops or delays due to an overheated system. The RetroDuo works with most NES and SNES games including imports from Japan, and will accept all 16-bit controllers, and is specially designed to hold your cartridges firmly in place. It includes 2 controllers, an adapter, and AV cables, leaving you only a flip of the switch away from total nostalgia.

Source: Retro Duo Silver NES/SNES New Retro Video Games Console for Nintendo and Super NES Game Cartridges UK

BBM goes Viral in Nigeria and South Africa 

Back in August, I visited South Africa and spent some time with a number of BlackBerry’s mobile operator partners, BBM’s advertising and content partners and some payment providers we were considering for partnership opportunities. Having spent many years working with South African mobile operators and banks in past roles, I have always been amazed at the potential of the market there. But on this trip, I learned something new about the value of the BlackBerry and BBM brands both in South Africa in particular and across the entire continent in general. It’s big. That’s particularly exciting because of all the growth we’ve been seeing in this market in the last few years.

Source: BBM Thrives in Nigeria and South Africa | Inside BlackBerry