MorphOS Easy2Install also available in Dutch

The best packagemanager for MorphOS will also be available in Dutch soon…

What is Easy2Install ? ….

This is a new package manager created with Hollywood for MorphOS.

It allows you to download, extract, install, launch and uninstall many archives
from the MorphOS-Storage server. This software loads a dynamic database from the MorphOS-Storage created by Bruno Peloille (BeWorld).

Many features:
– tests if an internet connection is available
– progress bar during downloads, extractions and scans
– sorts for most recent entries and categories
– displays any ReadMe and/or preview (if available)
– compares versions (if available)
– launches its installer script (if available)
– desintation path by category editable
– destination path for a specific software editable
– double-click on an installed entry which will launch the software
– send mail to developers (if available)
– visit official website (if available)
– support via Paypal button (if available)
– watch YouTube video (if available)
– show banners (commercial product, etc.)