Walkero`s script for Browservice and Odyssey

Browservice and Odyssey

You probably are aware that the browser experience for AmigaOS 4 is not that good. The reason is that there is no up-to-date browser available that supports the latest features of website technologies. So there is a need to find different solutions that help solve those issues.

An online application that helps somehow to bring modern websites to older browsers is the Browservice. This requires a separate system in your network that is used to load the websites, convert them to images and feed them into the old browser as a series of images.

If you would like to test it and use it then I would recommend having a look at Skateman’s tutorial video at the head of this article. He explains how to install and use it from AmigaOS 4 with Odyssey. His video is quite useful doing a great job helping other users.

read more: https://ko-fi.com/post/Browservice-and-Odyssey-V7V7MV8LP