Tilt v2 by Refocus Tech is Released for Blackberry 10

As posted by BBIN, the Indian Blackberry Blog

Tilt v2 by RefocusTech

Tilt v2.2.0.34 Changelogs:

– Complete revamp of the app with better User Experience and interface

– Added ‘Stocks’ Block

– Added ‘Messages’ Block (Shows emails and SMS messages)

– Added Swipe to Refresh on each Block

– Added Custom Priority settings for each Block (High, Medium and Low)

– Added a ‘Themes’ option in Application Menu. Total 13 themes are available

– Added new ‘Squircle’ (by Roger Leblanc) animation on Refresh and Loading

– Added new fade in animation on tilting the device

– Added option to choose the number of Blocks visible. You can display from 4 to 7 blocks, with default 7 blocks being shown

– And much more!

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