BlackBerry Rebrands their Enterprise apps – UTB Blogs

BlackBerry announces their new apps for enterprise. We all know BES or WatchDox but from today BlackBerry rebrands their names. The changes are here Good Work – BlackBerry Work Good Connect – BlackBerry Connect Good Access – BlackBerry Access Good Share – BlackBerry Share Good Notes – BlackBerry Notes WatchDox – BlackBerry Workspaces Docs to go – BlackBerry Docs to go BlackBerry Tasks Since BlackBerry acquired Good Technology they have had two kinds of Enterprise solutions, Good and BES12. From now on there is only one solution, BlackBerry have unified all their enterprise into one app called BlackBerry UEM Client that replaces BES12. So when you speak about BlackBerry servers, UEM is the new name. No more BES. BlackBerry have also released the new BlackBerry Work guide that will definitely make you want use some of these BlackBerry solutions.

Source: BlackBerry Rebrand their Enterprise apps – UTB Blogs