MorphOS Easy2Install also available in Dutch

The best packagemanager for MorphOS will also be available in Dutch soon…

What is Easy2Install ? ….

This is a new package manager created with Hollywood for MorphOS.

It allows you to download, extract, install, launch and uninstall many archives
from the MorphOS-Storage server. This software loads a dynamic database from the MorphOS-Storage created by Bruno Peloille (BeWorld).

Many features:
– tests if an internet connection is available
– progress bar during downloads, extractions and scans
– sorts for most recent entries and categories
– displays any ReadMe and/or preview (if available)
– compares versions (if available)
– launches its installer script (if available)
– desintation path by category editable
– destination path for a specific software editable
– double-click on an installed entry which will launch the software
– send mail to developers (if available)
– visit official website (if available)
– support via Paypal button (if available)
– watch YouTube video (if available)
– show banners (commercial product, etc.)

MorphOS 3.18 released!

Just upgraded my MorphOS 3.17 to the latest version 3.18.  Downloaded the IMG file from the MorphOS site, burned to USB and booted my X5000 using the USB stick. All went fine without any isssues!! Great work MorphOS team.

MorphOS is a lightweight, highly efficient and flexible desktop operating system. It includes primarily proprietary as well as open – source components. Its many features range from a modern exceptionally customizable graphical user interface, which can utilize 3D hardware acceleration, to a high-performance Just-in-Time compiler that emulates the 68k family of processors and thereby allows to transparently execute legacy applications developed for the Commodore Ax00 series of computers.

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RNOtunes by JVP is out now! 

RNOTunes is a GUI based audio player application with support for many different audio formats, embedded cover images, and scrobbling. A video demonstration of the program is available on YouTube.

The program is available for AROS (i386), AmigaOS 3 (68k and WarpOS), AmigaOS 4, and MorphOS. Please visit its homepage for more information, screenshots, and download links.

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MorphOS 3.14 has been released! 

The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the immediate availability of MorphOS 3.14. While mostly a maintenance and stability release, this update also brings multiple technological improvements in the kernel. Out of these, the most notable are TLS support in exec.library, updates to the Netstack and ixemul.library.We would also like to thank all of our translators and beta testers for stepping up their efforts in the weeks leading up to this release.

Source: MorphOS – News