AmigaOne X5000 running MilkyTracker 1.03 RC2

Today the RC2 of MilkyTracker 1.03 has been released.

As Capehill states on : Now uses separate paths for each ASL requester, so it should be more convenient if you have modules in one dir and samples somewhere else, for example.
Hear it running on my AmigaOne X5000

 The Advanced Visual Developer status

The Advanced Visual Developer software by BitbyBit software status update! The Advanced Visual Developer project is intended to bring high level, professional visual development tools to the AmigaOS4(tm) platform.

As written by Jamie Krueger,

Hello everyone,

For any of you that may have seen my presentations at the
last AmiWest show, or read my post below, we (Amiga On The Lake
and myself) announced that there be a significant update to
AVD released to the current owners by December 5th of this year.

Also scheduled for the 5th was the new listing for the
“AVD Early adopter’s special offer” to go up on AOTL’s
store, where new customers have a final chance to
purchase the commercial AVD Suite at the Pre-release
price of $199 before AVD 1.0 is released.

So, for those of you keeping track, the 5th was a few days ago,
and nothing has yet appeared on either site.

Do not despair :-), there has been some unavoidable
delays since returning from AmiWest at the end of October
which have pushed back the intended release for Dec. 5th.

More info…

MUIMapparium for Amiga Computers


MUIMapparium is a Viewer for all Amiga Systems with Waypoints/Tracks/Routes Loading/Saving creation. Requirements all Systems RTG Graphics card (Picasso 96 or CGFX) 15/16/24/32 bit Screen TCP/IP Stack (Internet connection) 8+ MB RAM Supported Amiga-systems Amiga 68k, 68020+, (68881+ FPU recommended) AmigaOS 3.0+ Amiga OS4, OS 4.0+ AROS i386, ABIv0 AROS ARM, ABIv0 ARMV6+ VFPV2+ HardFloat (e.g. RasPi 1-3) AROS x86_64, ABIv1 (non SMP-Version) MorphOS 3.8+

Source: MUIMapparium | ALBs Blog