Walkero`s script for Browservice and Odyssey

Browservice and Odyssey

You probably are aware that the browser experience for AmigaOS 4 is not that good. The reason is that there is no up-to-date browser available that supports the latest features of website technologies. So there is a need to find different solutions that help solve those issues.

An online application that helps somehow to bring modern websites to older browsers is the Browservice. This requires a separate system in your network that is used to load the websites, convert them to images and feed them into the old browser as a series of images.

If you would like to test it and use it then I would recommend having a look at Skateman’s tutorial video at the head of this article. He explains how to install and use it from AmigaOS 4 with Odyssey. His video is quite useful doing a great job helping other users.

read more: https://ko-fi.com/post/Browservice-and-Odyssey-V7V7MV8LP


Out Now! LiteXL 2.1.0r1 by Walkero 

Hope you are all ready for one more release of LiteXL editor, for both AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. This release is one of the best I made because there are a lot of new features and fixes.

This release brings the code more up-to-date with the official repository and closer to the v2.1 release, which is still in development. This means that we have the latest code as it is created by the original team, which will make future releases easier to be ported unless a huge change will happen.

Source: LiteXL 2.1.0r1 release – Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, shop sales and more! The original ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ Page.

AmigaOne X5000 AIOStreams v1.7.1 radio.py


AIOStreams by George Sokianos aka Walkero for AmigaOS 4.1FE.

All In One streams (aiostreams) is a pack of scripts, written in Python, that can be used to stream and watch videos from different online networks, like Twitch.tv and Mixer.com. Also, there is a radio script that helps you discover and play online radio stations from all around the world.

More info: http://os4depot.net/function=showfile&file=video/misc/aiostreams.lha