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After 12 months of development, Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to present the best Hollywood ever: Hollywood 8: Supremacy. Version 8.0 is a massive update with many new features and bug fixes. The most important new feature is full RapaGUI support on Android, which allows you to create GUIs for Android devices using Hollywood. As always with RapaGUI, only native widgets are used so the GUIs look and feel completely native. This is a truly unique feature because no other software allows you to create native GUIs for Amiga (MUI), Windows, macOS, Linux (GTK+), and Android! On top of that, there are tons of other new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

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PixelGlass AlarCity, a new Amiga ShootEmUp..

Introducing AlarCity: the most daring, fast paced, AGA shoot’em’up in recent years! Assume the role of ‘Zoid’, fire elemental & son of the God of fire! Face hordes of enemies and survive! Hunt the powers of the Gods in an epic journey across the lands! Find treasures, gain experience and become the ultimate weapon! Featuring:Frantic, high-octane, top down, shooter action!50hz smooth 8-way scrolling!Superb AGA pixelart!Amazing music and sound fx!Level up and upgrade mechanics with lavish customisation options!Tons of weapons, elements, powers and items to collect!

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A Conversation with BlackBerry CEO John Chen 

The Greater KW Chamber of Commerce hosted BlackBerry CEO John Chen for a special luncheon on May 5th with nearly 400 community builders and supporters in attendance. It was an outstanding and candid discussion between John and Chamber CEO Ian McLean. Thank you to BlackBerry and John Chen for taking the time to come and speak with us.

Jennifer Doidge named BlackBerry’s new VP of Corporate communications – NerdBerry

BlackBerry was left to fill a void when former VP of corporate communications Heidi Davidson, left BlackBerry. BlackBerry has hired Visa’s Jennifer Doidge as the new VP of Corporate communications. Doidge who spent 9 years with Visa holding multiple roles will be working out of Pleasanton, California and will answer to BalckBerry COO Marty Beard

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What Does the Watchdox Acquisition Mean For BlackBerry Ltd.? | The Motley Fool Canada

What is Watchdox? Most of us are familiar with Dropbox. For those who aren’t, Dropbox allows users to store files in the cloud, making them accessible across different devices. Dropbox is perfect for individuals, but large organizations are looking for an added layer of security. This is where Watchdox comes in. With Watchdox, enterprises can track and control who is sharing, or viewing, or even printing a file. A file’s creator can set a time limit on the file’s access, and can wipe the file from other devices, even after it’s left the network. If a hacker tries to steal the file, he’ll only see a bunch of encrypted characters. For this reason, Watchdox is very popular with governments, and also with Hollywood studios, who don’t want to see their scripts leaked.

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Vivaldi browser, 500,000 downloads in 10 days

The new Vivaldi browser Hits 500.000 downloads in just 10 Days!

As mentioned on Reuters..

Launched on Jan. 27 for desktop computers, Vivaldi targets users who conduct a large number of searches, offering features like speed dials, personalized notes and bookmarks with small screen shots.

Vivaldi browser hits 500,000 downloads in first 10 days | Reuters

“It’s a very high number, especially if you consider that it’s still a technical preview,” founder and Chief Executive Jon von Tetzchner said.

When launching the browser, von Tetzchner, who owns 90 percent of the company, said it only needed “a few million users” to become profitable in a market dominated by household names like Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Corp’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Opera Software.


So far Vivaldi has been made available for desktop computers on Windows, Mac and Linux, with a mobile and tablet version in the pipeline.

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Vivaldi browser hits 500,000 downloads in first 10 days | Reuters.